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Polybend is a resin based product that supports the walls of tubes or sections during the bending process, The main consideration is that any tubing or section bent using alloys could possibly have a residue left behind when melted out. 
A pull through can be used, but it is not at all certain that all the alloy will be removed. This is particularly critical for example, in the medical, catering and aerospace industries.

The resin can be used to replace fusible alloys such as Cerrobend, Indalloy, Ostalloy and others. 
It has advantages in having a low density (~1), low melting point of 70°c (158°F)and can be used many times, 
residues can be removed by a simple water rinse. The resin is completely soluble in water.

Not hazard labelled
Bio-degradable lubricant
Low fuming
Can be welded through without removal
Safer operation
Can be reused many times no viscosity or performance drift
Can be mixed with Kevlar fibres for extra support in larger diameter tubes (>3")
Very low odour

Our minimum order quantity for this material is 1 kilo (approx 1 litre).

Instructions For Using Polybend

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