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Nickel (Ni - 1453oC)


Nickel pure




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Nickel is a naturally occurring, lustrous, silvery-white metallic element. 
Alloys based on nickel were found to have excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
High melting point, 1453 ºC
Resists corrosion and oxidation
Very ductile
Alloys readily
Magnetic at room temperature
Can be deposited by electroplating
Has catalytic properties



Melting Point 1453 oC
Boiling Point 2730 oC
Density 8.908g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity @ 20oC 0.198cal/(s.cm. oC)
Specific Heat @ 20oC 0.1225cal/g
Latent Heat Of Fusion 73.8-cal/g
Brinell Hardness 120,000psi


Making of austenitic stainless steel.
As superalloys.
In alloy steel, rechargeable batteries, catalysts, coinage, foundry products, and plating.
In armour plates and burglar-proof vaults.
Alloy alnico is used in magnets.
In crucibles for chemical laboratories.
Smart wire, or shape memory alloys are used in robotics.
Monel metal, a copper-nickel alloy being highly resistant to corrosion is used for ship propellers, kitchen supplies, and chemical industry plumbing.

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