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• Clean tubing to eliminate dust, dirt etc.

• Plug or crimp one end of tubing

• Hold tube at an angle say 30 degrees and slowly pour in molten polybend.

• Crimp or plug the other end.

• Melt Polybend in suitable container 70-80oC excessive heat should be avoided.

• Allow tube to cool down and the polybend to set – this can take quite a while depending on the tube diameter. If no problem, allow to stand overnight.

• Perform bending operation smoothly and slowly.

• Un crimp/unplug the ends and heat tube to drain out polybend.

• Take empty tube and plunge into cold water.

• Polybend is water soluble so should leave a clear finish.

• If you have any problems with the solidity of the polybend, Kevlar can be added to give it more strength.





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